Our Office

Committed to Patients and the World Around Us

At Greenwood Park Dentistry, our first priority is the comfort and security of our patients. We have designed a warm and relaxing environment where open communication is welcomed and encouraged. Using our evidence-based processes, we aim to make you an active participant in your dental care.

In addition to taking care of you, we also work to take care of the environment. We strive at all times to provide our excellent dental services in an eco-friendly manner:

  • Using digital processes, we have greatly reduced our need for paper.
  • Digital x-rays reduce the radiation we emit by 90%, and give us fast online results without the need for the harsh chemicals used in traditional imaging.
  • The disinfectants, sterilants and cleaners we use are all approved and certified by the Eco Logo Environmental Choice Program.

In our office, the health of the environment goes hand in hand with the health of our patients!

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